About Us

Skincare artisan and founder, Amber Matthews, has suffered with eczema since childhood. In her early 30's she found herself a mom to two boys under the age of two. Constant hand washing and bathing had brought on another flareup and this one was very bad. She decided to research how to soothe her dry scaly skin... naturally!

Hot process soap, scented with pure essential oils and free of artificial colorants seemed to be the answer. This led her down a path of discovery and excitement. After creating and using her first bar, her skin cleared up and her eczema patches were gone! All because of a bar of soap! Her passion to soothe dry skin has blossomed into what you see offered here today. Natural skincare that is pure, simple and effective. 

That is how we started...in 2022 Amber took a hiatus to focus on her family. During this time one request kept hitting her DMs..."Can you please sell me some of your deodorant?!" Her customers were begrudgingly making due without her soap, but her deodorant had them reaching out for more! 

As of 2023 we ONLY offer our Vegan Magnesium Deodorant. If you have made it this far we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your pits. 



The CreamedSoaps Family