About Us


Skincare artisan and founder, Amber Matthews, has grappled with eczema since childhood. In her early 30s, she found herself a mom to two boys under the age of two. Constant handwashing and bathing triggered a severe flare-up, prompting her to explore natural solutions for her dry, irritated skin.

Enter hot process soap, scented solely with pure essential oils and devoid of artificial colorants. This discovery ignited a journey of excitement. Upon using her first bar, Amber witnessed a transformation—her skin cleared up, and her eczema patches vanished! All thanks to a bar of soap! This passion to soothe dry skin has evolved into the natural skincare offerings you see today—pure, simple, and effective.

That's our origin story. In 2022, Amber took a hiatus to focus on her family. During this time, a consistent request flooded her DMs: "Can you please sell me some of your deodorant?!" While her customers were managing without her soap, the demand for her deodorant was undeniable.

We made our comeback in May 2023 with a soft reopening, exclusively featuring our Vegan Magnesium Deodorant. After a few months, we happily resumed offering our Shea Butter Soaps.

CreamedSoaps Skincare is dedicated to providing plant-based skincare that nurtures and indulges the skin.

- The CreamedSoaps Skincare Family